A fork of https://github.com/jhaygood86/jquery-idle-timeout.

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Foolkicker Readme


Foolkicker prompts the user if it counts too long between user-input events (for example, typing, clicking, moving the cursor). The prompt will display a countdown, often with the intension to log out the idle user. The user can disable the countdown, which will restart the counter between user-input events. The process will repeat.


Free license permitted via the "MIT" ior GPLv3+ licenses.
See the source code for specific copyright information.

Fork information

This fork comes from a jhaygood86's fork of ehynds's jQuery Idle Timeout. It depends on Paul Irish's fork of Nicholas C. Zakas's YUI idle timer. Both of these require the jQuery library, not included in Foolkicker. Foolkicker accomplishes much of the same basic functionality, but has plans for extensible features down the line.

Original Readme Infos

See the original Mint.com example, or a demo using jQuery UI's dialog widget.

This script allows you to detect when a user becomes idle (detection provided by Paul Irish's idletimer plugin) and notify the user his/her session is about to expire. Similar to the technique seen on Mint.com. Polling requests are automatically sent to the server at a configurable interval, maintaining the users session while s/he is using your application for long periods of time.