A backgammon server

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scribbles and notes

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A repository for the website that will be the permanent home of my business. The front end will be coded using raw HTML and CSS (and some Sass), while the back end will used Express.js and MongoDB.

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Milis 2.0 için hafif betiklere dayalı imaj üretici

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Milis Linux Sitesi Yeni Dizayn (2019)

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Project home: https://bues.ch/a/profibus Original repository at: https://git.bues.ch/git/pyprofibus.git

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iniciándote en el proyecto GNU, pero tus conocidos te lo dificultan, «comunicaciones éticas» con programas de software libre, en sistemas operativos 100% libres y no libres para iniciativa de la libertad de nuevos usuarios

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cxxcall is a library that allows users to define foreign call-ins and call-outs, usually used by interpreters to interface C and C++

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A status generator for lemonbar

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أستبدال الأعداد النصية إلى أعداد رقمية

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An independent GNU/Linux-Libre distribution based on concepts of simplicity

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Project home: https://bues.ch/h/razercfg Original repository at: https://git.bues.ch/git/razer.git

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Mob API for mods to add monsters, animals and more.

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Plugin in AutoCAD that works together with the FM App in ServiceNow.

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Protector Redo mod for Minetest

Updated 5 hours ago

Animal mobs for Mobs Redo on Minetest

Updated 6 hours ago

A collaboration to deal with The Great Cloudwall (aka Cloudflare)

Updated 6 hours ago

Protector Redo mod for Minetest (forked from TenPlus1)

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