Haskell library for dealing with YAML schemata.

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A Haskell library (and program) to validate YAML against a schema. Unlike other libraries, yaml-validate contains a simple interface, and can interact with files.

Installation and usage

This library is not finished yet. These instructions are for when the library is finished.

yaml-schema is written in Haskell, so you need the Haskell package manager, cabal, and the Haskell compiler, ghc to install it. If you don't have ghc and cabal installed, follow bitemyapp's guide.

Ordinarily, I would just tell you how to install them myself, but it varies quite a bit from OS to OS, and bitemyapp has it all documented.

To install yaml-schema, just run:

cabal install aeson-validate

If you're developing a library, just add yaml-schema to the build-depends field in your library's .cabal file.


  • Email: peter@harpending.org
  • IRC: pharpend on FreeNode and OFTC


Copyright 2015 Peter Harpending

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