A collection of miscellaneous utilities for GNU Guile

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GRUMP - Guile Random Utilities and Miscellaneous Programs

This is my scratch-pad for exploratory programming in Guile Scheme. It exists to collect functionality I've found useful while live-coding, and capture my abandoned experiments for posterity.


(grump files)

Procedures for dealing with the file-system, including an implementation of Emacs's expand-file-name and an extended version of Guix's find-files.

(grump lines)

Procedures for line-based processing of textual ports, built around a fold-lines implementation using (ice-9 rdelim).

(grump system)

Procedures for running child processes, built on top of (ice-9 popen).

(grump units si)

A port of clj-units to Guile Scheme, using (oop goops) to provided overloaded mathematical operations which preserve unit dimensions and quantities.

(grump parse bencode)

A parser for the Bencode format using (ice-9 peg).

(grump parse tcpflow)

A parser for the output of tcpflow using (ice-9 peg).