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Game Status v1.2.0

Scroll down for the setup instructions.

As of 1.2.0, 25 Dec you will need an additional patch. See Troubleshooting for details.

Game is playable!


If you would like to help us, check the tasks on the Issue tracker

  • Some information might be missing from the Markdown files. Be sure to check the comments!

Relevant: RE tools, 1.1.0 research journal


mhyprot2.sys is a kernel service which is and will not be supported by Wine. The service is used as cheat detection, hence being well protected.

Possible solutions:

  • Patch out anticheat (reason why this project exists)
  • Support the kernel service support in Wine
  • Wait for an official Linux build
  • Play another game. Format: link, caveats (Proton/Wine rating)

Project rules

  1. miHoYo reserves the right to distribute files. Please do not share any game data in public.
  2. For your own sake: Do not share this project in official channels.
    • Reduces the risk of this project to be taken down or used against our reverse-engineering efforts
    • Solution: Share the files required by the patch script (see GAMEVER/README.txt)
  3. Please do not abuse this project for cheating. We just want to play the game.

Beware that logs may contain personal information, such as MAC addresses or login data.

Applying the workaround

Apply the patch(.sh) as follows. You will need Wine 5.3 or newer.

# Download/clone the repository
git clone https://notabug.org/Krock/GI-on-Linux --depth 1

cd "/path/to/Genshin Impact Game"
bash "/path/to/GI-on-Linux/GAMEVER/patch.sh"

# Please use this to launch the game
wine cmd /c launcher.bat

Follow the script as instructed. Backups (.bak) are made automatically where needed.

Please do not report any game issues to an official channel. Check the troubleshooting page linked below, create an issue here or post your problem on a Wine/dxvk-specific page.

Undo: The patch can be reverted using patch_revert.sh in the same manner.

Chinese Variant: Not supported yet, as of 1.2.0; missing information.

Problem Troubleshooting


License: MIT