Libreboot is free (as in freedom), libre hardware initialization (boot firmware), to replace non-free BIOS/UEFI firmware. It supports many laptops, desktops and servers on x86/ARM. Libreboot includes a bootloader, to boot an OS (GNU+Linux, BSD, etc).

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copy of lbmk (libreboot make) but at the old repository URL. this is the automated build system used to provide libreboot releases. *please send pull requests to codeberg*, see:

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libreboot build system (LibreBoot-MaKe). Libreboot performs hardware initialization on your computer, using coreboot, to replace the proprietary BIOS/UEFI firmware on supported x86 computers.

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libreboot website

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Photos for the libreboot website. These photos are on their own repo and hosted on a dedicated subdomain for the Libreboot project.

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imported from

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old repository from 2016, the old libreboot website. OLD. OBSOLETE. FOR REFERENCE ONLY

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ich9utils. full development history in the *old* libreboot git repository, for resources/utilities/ich9deblob/

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This is the OLD libreboot git repository. A new repository will be available soon. Please do not contribute to this one. This one is being set read-only, and will be preserved for reference / historical purpose. See note on

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the original repo on is down. this is a backup

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