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  Felix Freeman 433f16fa7a Authorization 6 months ago
  Felix Freeman a9307b90a5 fixes a few code style issues 6 months ago
  Felix Freeman f2f104399a README: Unaccurate description of user features 6 months ago
  Felix Freeman 3198d0fe04 Bugfix: Forces url generation to match config('app.url') 6 months ago
  Felix Freeman 186c557775 Bugfix: Http/Controller::collectionResponse() total_pages returned 0 on some calls, no longer 6 months ago
  Felix Freeman 1b21a82c8f Mail based authentication 6 months ago
  Felix Freeman ec7b19db69 CORS support 6 months ago
  Felix Freeman bfdd6772b1 User model and Authentication based on password or Token 6 months ago
  Felix Freeman b992488171 Minor comment fix 6 months ago
  Felix Freeman f60f1683f4 Bugfix TableModel::delete() use set primary key instead of id 7 months ago
  Felix Freeman 6d06f60d10 TableModel: Use table.column format in all CRUD operations 7 months ago
  Felix Freeman 97bf4b4b66 TableModel::find() allow to find by other fields that are not the primary key 7 months ago
  Felix Freeman dfe02d8d14 TableModel: Fix automatic date format for Carbon attributes 7 months ago
  Felix Freeman b6c5dbf468 Return Controller::singleResponse as plain object 7 months ago
  Felix Freeman 13fe23342c Use PaymentServiceProvider 9 months ago
  Hacktivista dc76cb0305 Turn the project into packages 9 months ago
  Hacktivista 71b8515b11 In README user stories replace 'client' by 'backer' ;) and add a new one 10 months ago
  Hacktivista 247ece1860 Due transactions. 10 months ago
  Hacktivista 2c6aef32e3 Require BCMath on README + add missing bcadd method to TableModel 10 months ago
  Hacktivista c9fbf31987 APP_DUE_AFTER configuration option + handle config options in config/app.php file. 10 months ago
  Hacktivista 56063da66f ModelObjectNotFoundException + adds error codes to README 10 months ago
  Hacktivista 7a23c6fab3 TableModel::staticDelete() massively based on primary keys array 10 months ago
  Hacktivista 80508b75b4 General purpose helper: commaStrRepeat() for repeating a string X times separated by commas 10 months ago
  Hacktivista 55935e0f28 TableModel->update(['only', 'certain', 'fields']) 10 months ago
  Hacktivista 72420c398d TableModel dateSetter() from private to protected 10 months ago
  Hacktivista 3cfc6ffefd TableModel namespace use reordering. 10 months ago
  Hacktivista 22cdf10a7f Bugfix: consider that a magic getter attribute could not be set but still valid (return null) 10 months ago
  Hacktivista 9e6cd0856c Basic seeder for CLP currency 10 months ago
  Hacktivista 2617363d65 Laravel Tinker for development env 10 months ago
  Hacktivista 9cf9f1f7ff Bugfix: on transactions table created_at is nullable 10 months ago