demure ae8fdf26f2 Added remote play profile and gitignore. 4 weeks ago
beets f9c823a9a4 added chroma 1 year ago
conky 021ee1524b Updated to deal with gcal garbage 6 months ago
feh c016eb9701 Added line to make default feh scale to screen/window size. Did this weeks ago, and forgot to commit >_> 5 years ago
figfonts ffce0a7fe1 fixed odd space typo with m char... 1 year ago
git fa7f140f8c Moved git conf to conf dir 1 year ago
i3 ca835c971d Added xkill binding 1 month ago
kitty 5b59dbc86c Minor tweaks from T/Sing bell issue. 1 year ago
mpd 9b718ac6cf Added mpd i3 mode. Added mpd visualizer settings. Fixed test. 2 years ago
mpv ae8fdf26f2 Added remote play profile and gitignore. 4 weeks ago
msmtp 57543631bd email updates. 1 year ago
ncmpcpp 4edddb298a Inital commit of ncmpcpp settings. Mostly default. Have been sitting on for a while. 1 year ago
neomutt 2c89140619 Attempting to add refresh after mbsync 1 month ago
newsboat 8791c8ded1 moved newsboat conf to ~/.config 4 months ago
notice_beeps ea1c78cfa0 Added some CC4.0 beeps. 1 year ago
pianobar 99ead643e1 Added note for when pandora changes tls 5 years ago
polybar f28ef7068f Added i3 mode state 2 months ago
pulse 7428e4611e Reinstalled freedesktop 5 years ago
qutebrowser fe46234c5c updated tab selected on close. 2 months ago
ranger 826d040545 Updated to use a kulgy timg setup for images. 2 months ago
rofi c5e19a0771 Updated rofi setup a bit. 2 years ago
rofi-pass c5500f17fd enabled auto enter. 2 years ago
tmuxinator c520b26fc5 switched in rss 4 months ago
touchegg ba087963a1 Added touchegg for multi touch gestures. Now I can swipe between i3 workspaces, and web tabs 5 years ago
zathura c0b34e6a09 Added options. 4 years ago
mimeapps.list 26c96ef8d6 Added feh as default image viewer. 1 year ago
redshift.conf 598e85779c Moved to 4 spaces instead of tabs... made vim indent color default. Fixed trailing spaces. 2 years ago