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  demure 530d9b060e Updated for mbsync 1 year ago
  demure 31a1cd982d Added epy epub reader. 1 year ago
  demure 20913cc3ff Added setxkbmap. 2 years ago
  demure a608561224 Added commands. 2 years ago
  demure 474b2ba0b8 Added pdfunite. 2 years ago
  demure fdbc556c74 Added xfd 2 years ago
  demure fd479a967d Added xrdb to install check 2 years ago
  demure 5d49aa2f7f added nc to installcheck. neomutt's offlineimap script needs it. 2 years ago
  demure cb06b6e679 Added 2 years ago
  demure 3cdc06bc9d Updated list. 2 years ago
  demure 0cad473714 Cleaned up installcheck. Added more items. 2 years ago
  demure 738a230dbc Added simple exif removal tool. 2 years ago
  demure 29d0874c90 Updated mutt to neomutt 2 years ago
  demure f4e6770a96 Added fwupd for firmware updates 2 years ago
  demure 2d7b82b024 Added tsp. 2 years ago
  demure 40696657f0 added mtr 3 years ago
  demure 184b491965 Added trash program. Added diskie. 3 years ago
  demure 5f2bc69e0b Updated 3 years ago
  demure 015e7aebeb Added go bin path, due to adding gotty. 3 years ago
  demure 4eda35b4cd Added json cli awk like program. 3 years ago
  demure d228c8a7b8 Added cgdb. 3 years ago
  demure 7d46c712bd Added sgt puzzle pack. 3 years ago
  demure 515087e660 Added one minute timer binding. 3 years ago
  demure 598e85779c Moved to 4 spaces instead of tabs... made vim indent color default. Fixed trailing spaces. 3 years ago
  demure 1fdb28edaf Added and fixed. 3 years ago
  demure 7276d2b248 Added apt-listbugs to installcheck 3 years ago
  demure 74f3a67832 removed old program, added install one liner 3 years ago
  demure 6f1fd2756e Updated files for newsbeuter -> newsboat change. 4 years ago
  demure 89572e04e8 Added screen color invert binding. 4 years ago
  demure 85868ab88e Updated installcheck. 4 years ago