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  demure 598e85779c Moved to 4 spaces instead of tabs... made vim indent color default. Fixed trailing spaces. 3 years ago
  demure a7b07e00d3 Read the readline info again, and found a few more nice settings 6 years ago
  demure e75c474eb5 Got around to fixing links 6 years ago
  demure def7f5ef97 Updated desc comment 8 years ago
  demure 760fdc559c Added bell on line 8 years ago
  demure ac38f09e6f Added repo comment 8 years ago
  demure 60bc2edc98 Switched foldmarker to default 8 years ago
  demure 0569b55f07 Clean up formating 8 years ago
  demure 2396645fe3 Added Up/Down arrow + text hist search 8 years ago
  demure b1386eadd0 Comment cleaning for 80 cols, because I can 8 years ago
  demure 22827c1f58 Added vim fold match for sections 8 years ago
  demure 23dc079b6b Move comments to previous lines, was causing issue on same 8 years ago
  demure a975ab2f79 Added completion-map-case, and comments 8 years ago
  demure 738786ca71 Added info 8 years ago
  demure fc5e006049 Cleaned formating 8 years ago
  demure 80d1e77b8f cleaned up 8 years ago
  demure b37881ae4a cleaned up 8 years ago
  demure 6bdb441cc2 cleaned comments up 9 years ago
  demure 9884c3e492 Inital commint, consolidated .bashrc 9 years ago