Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  demure 3b2b97b444 set up clock host 2 weeks ago
  demure f00a290321 Added override file for path set. 3 weeks ago
  demure dcb3df688f added diff mode shortcut, and tweaked cursor colors. 1 month ago
  demure ae8fdf26f2 Added remote play profile and gitignore. 1 month ago
  demure a4a13df212 added xev onliner 1 month ago
  demure ca835c971d Added xkill binding 1 month ago
  demure 2c89140619 Attempting to add refresh after mbsync 2 months ago
  demure 826d040545 Updated to use a kulgy timg setup for images. 2 months ago
  demure fb79f4236f added termtwsvg and timg 2 months ago
  demure 1c175c1cb7 Added a fzf based note function to get near notational/terminal velocity usability. 2 months ago
  demure f28ef7068f Added i3 mode state 2 months ago
  demure fe46234c5c updated tab selected on close. 2 months ago
  demure 8110d3e1a6 more ascii logo tweaking. 3 months ago
  demure f23cbdda39 Minor change. 3 months ago
  demure a042d151fe Increase symmetry 3 months ago
  demure 1361455f53 Added weechat relay filter. 3 months ago
  demure 660d40c891 added custom landing page 3 months ago
  demure 0a7a33b794 Started using qute again 3 months ago
  demure 2dfe2e071b welp, my attempt at adding spesific lines could have gone better... 3 months ago
  demure e1f13f8a0f Updated conf lines, and added tmux mode indicator 3 months ago
  demure 99e521c14b Added exifclean function, as it was a bit much for an alias. 3 months ago
  demure bbce02944e Adjusted to remove extra white space around active window and sep. 3 months ago
  demure ad0673fa11 Updated status bar to show title or cmd, and added laptop name. 3 months ago
  demure 5bbbbdf577 Updated tmux status bar, and did cleaning 3 months ago
  demure 64ac83a9dd flipped on powerline symbol support for airline 3 months ago
  demure c9d1d5b098 moved tmux to tmux term cap, will fix italics 3 months ago
  demure 8791c8ded1 moved newsboat conf to ~/.config 4 months ago
  demure c520b26fc5 switched in rss 4 months ago
  demure 7c977fbab4 Added termux ps color, and a catch for showing distro if host is localhost. 5 months ago
  demure 021ee1524b Updated to deal with gcal garbage 6 months ago