Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  demure 6447306e85 added pavucontrol to quick app mode 2 weeks ago
  demure 79f9d08174 added push to talk binding. set xnano screen shot binding. 2 weeks ago
  demure 0f956a8f01 updated due to upstream conf syntax change... 1 month ago
  demure 42962a2596 excluded work calendar 1 month ago
  demure b808f85f94 Added gpg wkd ignore 1 month ago
  demure 21a1bd94f9 Added gpg wkd 1 month ago
  demure a63bc375af Added note, updated mic mute, added fancy mic mute 2 months ago
  demure c81d6c4c11 Tweaked warning levels for my x1 nano 2 months ago
  demure 40b518278d Added team 3 months ago
  demure 8cb7f77a58 added sudoers files. 3 months ago
  demure 9e2c492867 added sudoers files. 3 months ago
  demure 7e42e6c35b Updated display name for x1nano. updated local ip check script to ignore wireguard interfaces. 3 months ago
  demure 4353811d30 added sleep to spotifyd as it needs pass 3 months ago
  demure c371f7fb4c added spotify mode, made a mmpd addition but disabled due to... high polling over network. 3 months ago
  demure de523bd9ac updated due to borgmatic change 3 months ago
  demure 3de7025ba4 removed 3 months ago
  demure 2e16f2d4f5 updated for connman 3 months ago
  demure 95b5921d29 updated for x1 nano 3 months ago
  demure 4739e5b4d9 updated for vpn 3 months ago
  demure 631b3fa586 updated for x1 nano 3 months ago
  demure 23eae28aa5 initial changes for x1 nano. 3 months ago
  demure 551394e7b0 old uncommited change. 3 months ago
  demure 3b2b97b444 set up clock host 7 months ago
  demure f00a290321 Added override file for path set. 7 months ago
  demure dcb3df688f added diff mode shortcut, and tweaked cursor colors. 8 months ago
  demure ae8fdf26f2 Added remote play profile and gitignore. 8 months ago
  demure a4a13df212 added xev onliner 8 months ago
  demure ca835c971d Added xkill binding 8 months ago
  demure 2c89140619 Attempting to add refresh after mbsync 9 months ago
  demure 826d040545 Updated to use a kulgy timg setup for images. 9 months ago