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  entschuld 1285da3714 fix setContentsMargins (0,0,0,0): allows "Add" popup 3 weeks ago
  entschuld 75cd2bb505 setMargin > setContentsMargins (untested) 3 weeks ago
  entschuld 8ae19147ea add git and python as makedepends 1 month ago
  entschuld 2ad1824171 .gitignore 4 months ago
  entschuld 55f09bda0e cgi.escape has been depreceated in Python 3.8 4 months ago
  entschuld a79b8eaa6c pillow and qt5-webkit as dependencies; improve QtWidgets import 5 months ago
  entschuld 527e7d303d use cp instead of rsync to update CCBC after pyqt4 → pyqt5 5 months ago
  entschuld 8b25b898b4 First run (testing pyqt5) 5 months ago