Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  vaeringjar ecebf18e04 Add WIP, private, TBD non-private repo for muttrc. 9 months ago
  vaeringjar 725cbfa1ab Move mirrors to the last in the list in both the makefile and the yaml. 9 months ago
  vaeringjar cfe91c50fb Fix reference for the ssi project. 10 months ago
  vaeringjar 7400d78223 Add missing projects. 11 months ago
  vaeringjar e390cc07dd Added my cyberpunk-2019 fork to the base. 1 year ago
  vaeringjar ac8fcd7637 Updated my git configuration, but I think I want to make a local and a global version later. 1 year ago
  vaeringjar 6ff3428fbb Updated the workspace with changes to gnusocial and ssi project. 1 year ago
  vaeringjar 26f390ef69 Added the missing -u flag for when checking out with hardmake. 1 year ago
  vaeringjar 8bcbe51d17 Renamed some files. 1 year ago
  vaeringjar 7bc68f6037 Midday commit. 1 year ago
  vaeringjar 3e2e542720 Squashing and restarting again. 1 year ago