1. Woof-CE (woof-Community Edition) is a fork of Barry Kauler's woof2 fossil
  2. repository of Nov 11, 2013 commit f6332edbc4a75c262a8fec6e7d39229b0acf32cd.
  3. BK's original (unmaintained) is at
  4. Woof-CE is a "Puppy builder". What this means is you can build your own custom
  5. Puppy Linux live-CD from the binary packages of another distro.
  6. Currently supported: Ubuntu, Debian, Slackware, Arch, T2, Puppy, Mageia
  7. woof-CE has four directories.
  8. woof-arch: architecture-dependent (x86, arm) files, mostly binary executables.
  9. woof-code: the core of Woof. Mostly scripts.
  10. woof-distro: distro-configuration (Debian, Slackware, etc.) files.
  11. kernel-kit: scripts to download, patch, configure and build the kernel.
  12. Information on the puppy building process with woof-CE can be found in
  13. README-FIRST, woof-code/README.txt and kernel-kit/README.