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  mavrothal 7daba1a2b3 Merge pull request #517 from darkness3560/master 5 years ago
  darkness3560 afc70ad7c4 Re-coded HTML-based documentation 5 years ago
  mavrothal 07af30dd3a Merge pull request #510 from puppylinux-woof-CE/revert-507-master 5 years ago
  mavrothal c6a367b221 Revert "Update pet2tgz" 5 years ago
  mavrothal eb15b6d5a0 Merge pull request #507 from noryb009/master 5 years ago
  noryb009 d7858833f6 Update pet2tgz 5 years ago
  01micko b59b605782 More fixes for 14.1 migration - slacko 6 years ago
  01micko 5a68ed46bd fixup for conflict 6 years ago
  01micko 2d01ec5f4e Merge branch 'master' into testing 6 years ago
  01micko 16520cc2de Update kernel-kit for FatDog style; no modules in initrd.gz. Removed aufs-allow-sfs.patch 6 years ago
  01micko 3d4c5e7649 Prelim work for Slacko (32) based on Slackware 14.1 6 years ago
  JakeSFR 5320a8d6bf snapmerge: remove floppy related code 6 years ago
  mavrothal efa224984a Savefolder support in rc.shutdown and shutdownconfig. Remove save-to-floppy. 6 years ago
  mavrothal 15855cfe11 Revert "Shutdownconfig: Add savefolder support. Remove save-to-floppy support." 6 years ago
  mavrothal ae4ab6303a Shutdownconfig: Add savefolder support. Remove save-to-floppy support. 6 years ago
  JakeSFR 183c366129 ui_Ziggy: fix icons (again) 6 years ago
  mavrothal 52b72d9abf Merge pull request #471 from KarlGodt/mavrothal-woof-CE-testing 6 years ago
  KarlGodt 84597a2f80 filemnt: Space cleanup as preoparation for further code cleanups. 6 years ago
  mavrothal a990023457 Merge pull request #470 from KarlGodt/mavrothal-woof-CE-testing 6 years ago
  KarlGodt 796a352d7f remasterpup2: Few trailing space and leading tabs cleanup. 6 years ago
  mavrothal 82ff595e9a Inform and exit if savefolder is used 6 years ago
  mavrothal d10aa62d76 Support of adrv and ydrv in puppy installers and PPM 6 years ago
  mavrothal cca1794813 Search in USB for savefiles when booting from CD 6 years ago
  mavrothal 673e15569f Do not offer to mount adrv and ydrv in bootmanager 6 years ago
  mavrothal 471f5181c3 Support for savefolder in puppyinstaller and partview. 6 years ago
  mavrothal 31993e719a Add support in drive-mounting scripts for savefolder. 6 years ago
  mavrothal 5ff7ea6052 Add support in the init for savefolder. Developed by gyro. 6 years ago
  mavrothal 5d0e2efb5a Merge pull request #469 from woodenshoe-wi/raspbian-changes2 6 years ago
  woodenshoe-wi 9c064594ff Add /etc/X11/xorg.conf-auto-armsystem 6 years ago
  JakeSFR 4fde20348d Merge pull request #466 from JakeSFR/sfr 6 years ago