Commit History

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  vaeringjar 0b549e1b12 Adding quick commands for daemon state control. 1 year ago
  vaeringjar b6487984af gc no longer needs going into sql and so we can just add it here generically 1 year ago
  vaeringjar 5d37894ad1 Minor changes to the basic recipe. 2 years ago
  vaeringjar 842ee44b70 Just gc without the confirmation. 2 years ago
  vaeringjar 15c7b324b2 Might as well start a new gc recipe. 2 years ago
  vaeringjar de8239e1c3 Removed some unnecessary quotation marks and added an echo block for non-sensitive data. 2 years ago
  vaeringjar 892adea2c6 End of day commit. 2 years ago
  vaeringjar d4777565f8 Adding a header to the code from moonman for removing StoreRemoteMedia files. 2 years ago
  moonman 058b7131d6 Work to remove StoreRemoteMedia files before a given timestamp. 2 years ago
  vaeringjar b691b4a8a9 Okay, this time actually saving the bit about the backups. 2 years ago
  vaeringjar d1c30597fa Just added a note to the readme about the makefile doing backups. 2 years ago
  vaeringjar fd68bf6d3f Mainly update to what files the backup saves and saving them all in the same archive. 2 years ago
  vaeringjar 530ce16d8f Fixing a copy-paste error. Bash likes curly braces not parenthesis! 2 years ago
  vaeringjar 6b5bd46213 Adding the archive commands for the avatars and files. 2 years ago
  vaeringjar c1d727f260 More tweeks to make this look like I actually wrote it. 2 years ago
  vaeringjar 6b37359107 Fixing the errors. 2 years ago
  vaeringjar 2744b9468b Removing the excess and hiding the password. 2 years ago
  vaeringjar 6765d6da2a Fixing some typos and shuffling to remote. 2 years ago
  vaeringjar 0beaa94543 Adding the backup script. Hopefully haven't done anything stupid... 2 years ago
  vaeringjar a0050657b3 init 2 years ago