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  vaeringjar 04e1c9f4d7 Correct the reference to bash to xfce. 1 year ago
  vaeringjar 8d35fd463b Updated the bash theme. Add some notes to the README. Added the kelly colours for reference. 1 year ago
  vaeringjar 7bb3cdcf9c Added an xfce4 terminal compatible version. 1 year ago
  Bruce Durling 5b30794c4f Org mode tweaks (#6) 1 year ago
  Yavor Konstantinov d91c6225d5 Add autoload to make the theme show in load-theme menu (#5) 1 year ago
  Alex Lynham b04ee1faf9 Merge branch 'master' of 2 years ago
  Alex Lynham 8ebf45469f Add melpa badge. 2 years ago
  the-frey ffafe116f7 Update 2 years ago
  Alex Lynham 77f41d0c15 Add helm colours to theme to address #1 2 years ago
  Alex Lynham a22e19ff73 Package and lint ready for MELPA 2 years ago
  the-frey 2d8d7b6d69 Conform to elisp packaging conventions 2 years ago
  the-frey 387408b005 Credit Murderlon for original iTerm theme. 2 years ago
  Alex Lynham e90a8d40ce Update 1337 asciiart logo 2 years ago
  Alex Lynham 20052c794c Added terminal image 2 years ago
  Alex Lynham 909abc519d Version 0.0.1 2 years ago