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My Programs


Purpose Name Filetypes
Editor vim txt, etc
Web Browser w3m http
Batch Rename qmv Note: from renameutils
System Clipboard clipster
Email Client neomutt
PDF Viewer zathura pdf
Enable HDMI Sound pavucontrol
Linux Info Command pinfo
Pager view/less
Cheat Sheet cheat NA?
RSS Client (newsbeuter) Project dead
RSS Client newsboat
Hex Editor dhex *
Hex Editor hexcurse *
Hex Editor bci *
Terminal Multiplexer tmux
tmux profiles tmuxinator
smtp msmtp
imap offlineimap
Process Info htop
Port Mapping nmap
Pandora pianobar Note: w/ control-pianobar
Poke Finding scanmem
Network Ban Hammer fail2ban
IRC Client weechat
Log Viewer lnav
Disk Usage ncdu
File Browser ranger
Package Manager aptitude
Version Control git
Calandar khal
Music Player cmus Many, Stream
Password Manager pass
Usage Stats selfspy

CLI programs that preform a GUI Function

Purpose Name Filetypes
PDF Viewer zathura pdf
Video Player mpv Many
Image Viewer feh Many
Virtual Machines qemu-kvm
Chart Maker graphviz Many
Show Keystrokes screenkey

WM Environment Related

Note: Many of these fall under the previous category.

Purpose Name Filetypes
File Browser spacefm
Window Manager i3
Desktop Manager lightdm
System Tray stalonetray
System Lock i3lock
System Menu rofi
Clipboard History clipster
Desktop Background nitrogen Many
System Bar lemonbar
Brightness Control xbacklight
Transparency compton
Mouse Pointer Hidding unclutter
Screen Resolution srandrd
Screen Resolution autorandr
Screen Shots scrot


Purpose Name Filetypes
Comic Reader mcomix cbr, cbz, rar, zip, etc
File Browser spacefm
Terminal Emulator urxvt
Editor gvim txt, etc
Bloated Web Browser Chromium http
Keybound Web Browser qutebrowser http
GUI Email Client icedove
Documentation Viewer zeal
Font Viewer font-manager
Disk Usage baobab
Hex Editor bless *
Hex Editor wxHexEditor *
Poke Finding gameconqueror
Word Proccessor libreoffice Many
Spread Sheet libreoffice Many
Presentation libreoffice Many
Ebook Manager calibre Many
Password Manager qtpass
Image Manipulation gimp Many
Vectors inkscape Many
Calculator SpeedCrunch