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openMSX Catapult

This is the new openMSX Catapult, an external GUI for openMSX.

- Python 2.5 or higher
- PyQt4 (thus also Qt4)
- python-pysqlite2 for softwareDB tool
- openMSX, preferably a recent version from Subversion (post 0.11.1)

Download links:

Qt4: (pick one of the Open Source Editions)
PyQt4: (compilation requires SIP to be installed as well)

Or you can get openMSX and Catapult from Subversion (SVN), that way you will
be able to follow development:
svn co openmsx
svn co catapult

For the moment, you have to set some hardcoded paths to values
corresponding to your system. You can find these in "".

If your system's default Python version is not Python 2.5, then change the line
"python" in the Makefile into "python2.5".

Then to start Catapult, just run "make run".

If you have problems like: KeyError: 'system/executable', you're hitting a
small problem in this Catapult that has not been resolved yet. To fix it in
*nix systems, make a file ~/.config/openMSX/Catapult.conf and put in it:

All source code and other works that are part of, or distributed with
openMSX Catapult are copyrighted by their respective authors. The file
'AUTHORS' contains a list of people who made works for openMSX Catapult
or contributed works to openMSX Catapult.

All source code and other works of openMSX Catapult are licensed under the
GNU Public License (GPL) version 2, of which you can find a copy in the
file 'GPL'.

Win32/MSYS Section

I assume you have Python 2.5 and PyQt installed in C:\Python25\ if this is not the case adjust your paths accordingly.

Make sure the python.exe file is accessible through your path (set path in my computer->Advanced->Environment Variables->(go to lower window and add ;C:\Python25 to the path.

- Create a file in your Python root folder called pyuic
- Put the following line into the code:
/c/Python25/Lib/site-packages/PyQt4/uic/ ${1+"$@"}
- chmod this file so it's executable from within msys: chmod +x /c/Python25/pyuic
- if you are missing MSVCP71.DLL please download this file from
and put it in your c:\windows\system32\ folder

For more information, visit our home page:

Happy MSX-ing!
the openMSX developers