Advanced Tiled Loader, originally by Casey Baxter, updated by monolified aka ingsoc451 (monolified's repo is lost)

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#Advanced Tiled Loader

Advanced Tiled Loader (ATL) loads and renders Tiled maps inside of the Löve2D game framework.

This fork of ATL is actively developed. However, do not expect anything to work. Consider using STI.

Supported features include:

  • Directly loading TMX files
  • Multiple Layers
  • Some object types (polygon/line, rect, ellipse, text and tile)
  • Properties
  • Transparent colors
  • Margins and spacing
  • External tilesets
  • zlib/gzip compression
  • Isometric maps
  • Flipped and rotated tiles
  • ~~ Saving loaded maps ~~

Example files can be found at

Quick Example

-- Gets the loader
loader = require("AdvTiledLoader/loader.lua")

 -- Path to the tmx files. The file structure must be similar to how they are saved in Tiled
loader.path = "maps/"

 -- Loads the map file and returns it
map = loader.load("desert.tmx")

-- Draws the map

-- Limits the drawing range of the map. Important for performance

-- Automatically sets the drawing range to the size of the screen.
map:autoDrawRange(tx, ty, scale, padding)

-- Accessing individual layers
map.layers["layer name"]

-- A shortcut for accessing specific layers
map("layer name")

-- Finding a specific tile
map.layers["layer name"]:get(5,5)

-- A shortcut for finding a specific tile
map("layer name")(5,5)

-- Iterating over all tiles in a layer
for x, y, tile in map("layer name"):iterate() do
   print( string.format("Tile at (%d,%d) has an id of %d", x, y, )

-- Iterating over all objects in a layer
for i, obj in pairs( map("object layer").objects ) do
	print( "Hi, my name is " .. )

-- Find all objects of a specific type in all layers
for _, layer in pairs(map.layers) do
   if layer.class == "ObjectLayer" then
		for _, obj in pairs(player.objects) do
			if obj.type == "enemy" then print( end

-- draw the tile with the id 4 at (100,100)

-- Access the tile's properties set by Tiled

-- Turns off drawing of non-tiled objects.
map.drawObjects = false