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  Felix Freeman 6710326dac Merge branch 'dev' 1 year ago
  Felix Freeman 904690ca8d Notify user via email for each transaction 1 year ago
  Felix Freeman 351d20cdb4 Authorization 1 year ago
  Felix Freeman 1464d4612b Use hawese-core User model and authentication middleware (not authorization yet) 1 year ago
  Felix Freeman ae829ba23c minor style fix 1 year ago
  Felix Freeman fa9f896be8 Bugfix: validate on custom Transaction::insert() 1 year ago
  Felix Freeman 6d3eff255d Bugfix: balance is nullable on Transaction 1 year ago
  Felix Freeman cb15a65f30 Serialize decimals toJson() trimming trailing zeroes 1 year ago
  Felix Freeman e4720efcd7 README: Say the same about AGPL license, but use other words 1 year ago
  Felix Freeman 1d4a1f05db use new TableModel::select signature 1 year ago
  Felix Freeman 30fad28e24 /transactions?due query param filter 2 years ago
  Hacktivista e090b7ed46 Fix typo and old info in README 2 years ago
  Hacktivista fcce631aa9 Turn the project into packages 2 years ago
  Hacktivista 71b8515b11 In README user stories replace 'client' by 'backer' ;) and add a new one 2 years ago
  Hacktivista 247ece1860 Due transactions. 2 years ago
  Hacktivista 2c6aef32e3 Require BCMath on README + add missing bcadd method to TableModel 2 years ago
  Hacktivista c9fbf31987 APP_DUE_AFTER configuration option + handle config options in config/app.php file. 2 years ago
  Hacktivista 56063da66f ModelObjectNotFoundException + adds error codes to README 2 years ago
  Hacktivista 7a23c6fab3 TableModel::staticDelete() massively based on primary keys array 2 years ago
  Hacktivista 80508b75b4 General purpose helper: commaStrRepeat() for repeating a string X times separated by commas 2 years ago
  Hacktivista 55935e0f28 TableModel->update(['only', 'certain', 'fields']) 2 years ago
  Hacktivista 72420c398d TableModel dateSetter() from private to protected 2 years ago
  Hacktivista 3cfc6ffefd TableModel namespace use reordering. 2 years ago
  Hacktivista 22cdf10a7f Bugfix: consider that a magic getter attribute could not be set but still valid (return null) 2 years ago
  Hacktivista 9e6cd0856c Basic seeder for CLP currency 2 years ago
  Hacktivista 2617363d65 Laravel Tinker for development env 2 years ago
  Hacktivista 9cf9f1f7ff Bugfix: on transactions table created_at is nullable 2 years ago
  Hacktivista bf4f5751c5 Bugfix: error code could be non-integer on JsonExceptionRenderer 2 years ago
  Hacktivista c99367197e Better descriptions for Transaction + config + TableModel::$table 2 years ago
  Hacktivista 6374966c1a Require some configuration options 2 years ago