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  Felix Freeman 6710326dac Merge branch 'dev' 6 months ago
  Felix Freeman 904690ca8d Notify user via email for each transaction 6 months ago
  Felix Freeman 351d20cdb4 Authorization 6 months ago
  Felix Freeman 1464d4612b Use hawese-core User model and authentication middleware (not authorization yet) 7 months ago
  Felix Freeman ae829ba23c minor style fix 7 months ago
  Felix Freeman fa9f896be8 Bugfix: validate on custom Transaction::insert() 7 months ago
  Felix Freeman 6d3eff255d Bugfix: balance is nullable on Transaction 7 months ago
  Felix Freeman cb15a65f30 Serialize decimals toJson() trimming trailing zeroes 7 months ago
  Felix Freeman e4720efcd7 README: Say the same about AGPL license, but use other words 7 months ago
  Felix Freeman 1d4a1f05db use new TableModel::select signature 7 months ago
  Felix Freeman 30fad28e24 /transactions?due query param filter 8 months ago
  Hacktivista e090b7ed46 Fix typo and old info in README 9 months ago
  Hacktivista fcce631aa9 Turn the project into packages 9 months ago
  Hacktivista 71b8515b11 In README user stories replace 'client' by 'backer' ;) and add a new one 11 months ago
  Hacktivista 247ece1860 Due transactions. 11 months ago
  Hacktivista 2c6aef32e3 Require BCMath on README + add missing bcadd method to TableModel 11 months ago
  Hacktivista c9fbf31987 APP_DUE_AFTER configuration option + handle config options in config/app.php file. 11 months ago
  Hacktivista 56063da66f ModelObjectNotFoundException + adds error codes to README 11 months ago
  Hacktivista 7a23c6fab3 TableModel::staticDelete() massively based on primary keys array 11 months ago
  Hacktivista 80508b75b4 General purpose helper: commaStrRepeat() for repeating a string X times separated by commas 11 months ago
  Hacktivista 55935e0f28 TableModel->update(['only', 'certain', 'fields']) 11 months ago
  Hacktivista 72420c398d TableModel dateSetter() from private to protected 11 months ago
  Hacktivista 3cfc6ffefd TableModel namespace use reordering. 11 months ago
  Hacktivista 22cdf10a7f Bugfix: consider that a magic getter attribute could not be set but still valid (return null) 11 months ago
  Hacktivista 9e6cd0856c Basic seeder for CLP currency 11 months ago
  Hacktivista 2617363d65 Laravel Tinker for development env 11 months ago
  Hacktivista 9cf9f1f7ff Bugfix: on transactions table created_at is nullable 11 months ago
  Hacktivista bf4f5751c5 Bugfix: error code could be non-integer on JsonExceptionRenderer 11 months ago
  Hacktivista c99367197e Better descriptions for Transaction + config + TableModel::$table 11 months ago
  Hacktivista 6374966c1a Require some configuration options 11 months ago