A libre fork of woof-CE http://librepup.info/

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This is a libre, GNU FSDG compliant fork of woof-CE
(https://github.com/puppylinux-woof-CE/woof-CE), which follows upstream closely.
It is used to build Librepup (http://librepup.info/), a libre fork of Puppy
Linux (http://www.puppylinux.org/).

woof-CE-libre is proudly hosted at https://notabug.org/dimkr/woof-CE-libre.

Currently, Librepup is based built using binary packages from
Trisquel (http://www.trisquel.info/) 7 and equivalent to Tahrpup 6.0.2.


Unlike its upstream, woof-CE-libre:
- Is deblobbed: (hopefully) all recommendations of non-free software in
graphical wizards, scripts, etc' are removed.
- Is pre-configured to produce the latest release of Librepup.

Also, Librepup differs from the upsteam release it is based on:
- It uses different artwork and branding, to avoid confusion between the two
- Quickpet is removed, as it recommends non-free software
- The non-free browser is replaced with QupZilla (http://www.qupzilla.com/)
- The default IRC client is replaced with a patched HexChat
(https://hexchat.github.io/) which does not recommend a non-free browser
- Sylpheed (http://sylpheed.sraoss.jp/en/) has been updated and re-packaged,
to remove files under /root
- rxvt-unicode (http://software.schmorp.de/pkg/rxvt-unicode.html) has been
updated and re-packaged to drop all plugins, add a missing symlink and
replace urxvt with the more efficient combination of urxvtc and urxvtd
- DeaDBeeF (http://deadbeef.sourceforge.net/) has been re-packaged, to move it
to /usr and reduce its size
- net_setup has been deblobbed
- Clipit (http://sourceforge.net/projects/gtkclipit/) has been replaced with
Parcellite (http://parcellite.sourceforge.net/), because it is newer and
does not show popup windows
- Osmo (http://clayo.org/osmo/) has been updated and built without exotic
- The kernel has been updated to a newer minor version, deblobbed and rebuilt
with a slightly modified configuration, for much better performance and
responsiveness and with additional drivers
- The default package repository has been replaced by Librepup's repository

Relationship with Upstream

The "libre" branch of woof-CE-libre follows the "testing" branch of upstream.

All features added by woof-CE-libre have been upstreamed, to ease maintenance:
- Configuration and data files required to reproduce the latest upstream
version of Puppy Linux (http://www.puppylinux.org/)
- Support for Trisquel (http://www.trisquel.info/) packages and repositories
- Support for "longterm" kernels that are forward- and backward- compatible
with third-party drivers
- Support for deblobbed kernels, using the Linux-libre
(http://www.fsfla.org/ikiwiki/selibre/linux-libre/) scripts
- Minor fixes and efficiency improvements
- New and improved package templates

Librepup-specific additions (such as its configuration files) will not be
upstreamed, to reduce the risk of misleading users who associate the 'Librepup'
moniker with free software into using non-free software, if this branding is
used by a derivative of upstream.

Building Librepup

Through Librepup or Puppy Linux (http://www.puppylinux.org/), run:
cd ../woof-out_x86_x86_trisquel_belenos
yes "" | ./0setup
echo | ./2createpackages

It is possible to run woof-CE-libre through other distributions as well, using
run_woof (https://github.com/puppylinux-woof-CE/run_woof).


woof-CE-libre- or Librepup- specific issues (e.g non-free components in
Librepup) should be reported through

Other issues should be reported to upstream.

Legal Information and Credits

The Librepup logo by Koz Ross (http://retro-freedom.nz/contact/) is provided
under the terms of the CC-BY-SA-4.0 license