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demure's Sofle RGB Keyboard Configuration


Sofle is 6×4+5 keys column-staggered split keyboard. Based on Lily58, Corne and Helix keyboards.

More details about the keyboard from the creator's blog: Let me introduce you SofleKeyboard - a split keyboard based on Lily58 and Crkbd

demure's changes:

  • Tab in row two (Cause that's what I'm used to)
  • Escape in row three, as I'm used to changing caps lock to Esc
  • Top right key on right side (above Backspace) is a back slash, cause I live in shells
  • No via support, as that limits you to four layers, killing the adjust layer...
  • An adjust layer
  • An emergency mouse mode layer
  • A 'game' layer that adds in arrow keys
  • Modify encoder action by holding shift
  • My own logo
  • Per layer led patterns


  • Add Underlines to oled info?
    • Looks like it may not be possible with font coding
  • Maybe replace right encoder with a pimoroni trackball module?


Rather than maintain a full QMK repo, I symlink this repo into the qmk_firmware/keyboards dir. See here for the qmk_firmware.

## inside qmk_firmware/keyboards dir
ln -s ~/path/to/soflergb_repo .

Flash using the correct command below:

# for pro micro-based builds
qmk flash -kb soflergb/rev1 -km soflergb -bl avrdude-split-left
qmk flash -kb soflergb/rev1 -km soflergb -bl avrdude-split-right

# for Elite C or dfu bootloader builds
qmk flash -kb soflergb/rev1 -km soflergb -bl dfu-split-left
qmk flash -kb soflergb/rev1 -km soflergb -bl dfu-split-right

These commands can be mixed if, for example, you have an Elite C on the left and a pro micro on the right.