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permute is a program written in python to make per application muting simple on linux. While some WMs may bundle in the ability, I prefer to use i3 which follows UNIX philosophy of "Make each program do one thing well". It is trivial to make a rofi popup if you find yourself using this often.


Place permute somewhere in your path, such as /usr/local/bin/


  • pactl must be installed.
  • Requires python2 or python3.


Help Output:

Usage: premute [OPTION...]
    When run without OPTION, will output sink list
    When run with SINK as option, will mute SINK number

    -l, --list              List Sink Inputs
    -m, --mute SINK         Mute Sink number
    -s, --string NAME       Attempt bin name mute
    -V, --version           Display version information
    -h, --help              Display this help message

List Output:

~ -> permute -l
Sink Number: 797        Muted: no       bin: cmus
Sink Number: 796        Muted: yes      bin: chromium
Sink Number: 799        Muted: no       bin: mpv