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  demure c67038839d moved ip clicks to right clicks. 6 months ago
  demure edf45d6a21 Added pavucontrol 6 months ago
  demure d4564d251b updated. 6 months ago
  demure 79f9ff70a3 purged commented section 7 months ago
  demure 1295be5fd9 Added csv auto detect 8 months ago
  demure 0da853e960 stow cleanup 8 months ago
  demure 354949b392 Initial conf commit. Have used for a long time. 8 months ago
  demure 6a08c61183 forgot to commit this file. 9 months ago
  demure c77464621c Added mute funciton 9 months ago
  demure d660974e2b Updated sidebar for descriptive name 9 months ago
  demure 530d9b060e Updated for mbsync 9 months ago
  demure 0b0361d76b Moved to mbsync, and retired offlineimap. 9 months ago
  demure f1877fd559 toggled out right click. 10 months ago
  demure a49239258d tweaked a while ago to get gpg forwarding working. 10 months ago
  demure 4de7a0d6f7 updated conky to use current syntax 11 months ago
  demure c08b7440c7 added geo data exif purge 11 months ago
  demure 31a1cd982d Added epy epub reader. 11 months ago
  demure a8cf2359cf missed edit. 1 year ago
  demure 57543631bd email updates. 1 year ago
  demure e80199e587 addded trash quick key. 1 year ago
  demure f3546c81a6 Atttempting to allow per host ssh_agnet off. 1 year ago
  demure 67b0f5e3d5 Cause sometimes I'm forced to use powershell... 1 year ago
  demure f8a7cf44af Added more logs. some a while ago. 1 year ago
  demure f752a21cc0 Added up subdomain. old php version bump as well. 1 year ago
  demure 758c285be2 moved to using PIPESTATUS instead of $ ? 1 year ago
  demure 4681d52f27 toggled out recent keyboard mouse thing 1 year ago
  demure 1d4235d2e7 Cleaned fail state. 1 year ago
  demure 20913cc3ff Added setxkbmap. 1 year ago
  demure 79094904e5 Added comment. added num pad mouse. 1 year ago
  demure 6395bcbac8 Added vit back 1 year ago