Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  demure 84f67091c3 Added fix for giant calibre. 4 years ago
  demure b411a9599b Updated formmating 5 years ago
  demure d52a8a13a3 Taught i3 to see my path! 5 years ago
  demure 602fee41b5 Moved many things to my i3 conf 5 years ago
  demure 01cd79066e consolekit wasn't providing me any features, and was wasting ram.... good bye 5 years ago
  demure 06aef9a7d8 Moved start programs to i3 conf. Added start apps to i3 conf. Added srandrd + autorandr! 5 years ago
  demure cd36e21f2d Switch background program to nitrogen, seems promissing. Added unclutter. 5 years ago
  demure 2348e13146 added xss-lock to autolock 6 years ago
  demure 6cc96d7366 Added note 6 years ago
  demure e75c474eb5 Got around to fixing links 6 years ago
  demure d2ba627ab4 pulseaudio 'patch' 7 years ago
  demure c159fc6368 modified exec line, have tested powermanager as working 7 years ago
  demure 3fc95cfb90 Added header comment 7 years ago
  demure 903c2db13e Added comments, still need to get power manager working... 7 years ago
  demure fa41e5f829 A rough start of a .xinitrc, needs more work 7 years ago