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  demure 2dfe2e071b welp, my attempt at adding spesific lines could have gone better... 4 months ago
  demure e1f13f8a0f Updated conf lines, and added tmux mode indicator 4 months ago
  demure bbce02944e Adjusted to remove extra white space around active window and sep. 4 months ago
  demure ad0673fa11 Updated status bar to show title or cmd, and added laptop name. 4 months ago
  demure 5bbbbdf577 Updated tmux status bar, and did cleaning 4 months ago
  demure c9d1d5b098 moved tmux to tmux term cap, will fix italics 5 months ago
  demure c420c5cf6f Updated tmux a bit... will need a lot more work. For now, added clipboard yank -> system clipboard. 2 years ago
  demure 598e85779c Moved to 4 spaces instead of tabs... made vim indent color default. Fixed trailing spaces. 2 years ago
  demure c8c2680bf2 Used new mouse conf line. Removed unneeded unbindings. Removed unused lines. 3 years ago
  demure e49a2d813f Added lock setting. Cleaned commenting. 4 years ago
  demure e75c474eb5 Got around to fixing links 6 years ago
  demure 94ef9ff8ca Added binding to reorder windows 7 years ago
  demure 4bbb1b3649 Made windows auto renumber, may break manual renumbering? 7 years ago
  demure c13abbcda8 Fixed comment 7 years ago
  demure e80cca7d87 Added place holders for more status bar customization to come 7 years ago
  demure 59c27c34eb Added note for possible tmux login 7 years ago
  demure ac38f09e6f Added repo comment 7 years ago
  demure d066dbdf98 Added more source to prompt fix 8 years ago
  demure 59ec777334 FOUND TEMP FIX FOR PROMPT AND TMUX... yes, needed caps 8 years ago
  demure b0f6b11cca Add more vim copymode keys 8 years ago
  demure 9d23c343e7 Added comments, display time, abriv settings, notes for later. 8 years ago
  demure c05c51fa38 prestage possible setting 8 years ago
  demure f72a8fdee6 removed unnessasary zoom setting, default binding works fine 8 years ago
  demure f73c93c766 Edited info line 8 years ago
  demure 60bc2edc98 Switched foldmarker to default 8 years ago
  demure 3197748b9e Clean up formating 8 years ago
  demure 9c0518a8e7 Cleaning, comments, bump hist size up 8 years ago
  demure 8c53c88baf Added vim fold match for sections 8 years ago
  demure ed3acef8d6 slight fix 8 years ago
  demure d10341fa2b Added C-z Z zoom, for when MA gets 1.8... 8 years ago