Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  demure e042935fce added xcursor theme, cause the cursor looked drep on void's default with i3. 2 years ago
  demure e8308377e3 Cleaned up font section a bit while troubleshooting fancy chars. 2 years ago
  demure be1599b0c3 Addjusted unfocused fade to be more readable due to multiple monitor use. added font resize not. 2 years ago
  demure 950bc260bc Moved to resize-font. cleaned up conf. 2 years ago
  demure caaec69bda Pointing a pragmapro mono now. 3 years ago
  demure 78c2f00dae Cleared out some old lines, and attempted to get less mouse scrolling... needs patched urxvt... 4 years ago
  demure 48ecfbf894 removed unused option 4 years ago
  demure 0e9c4ec01b Something changed with deb sid/pragmatapromono... setting to pragatapro helps mostly. 4 years ago
  demure 30677b8e9b Cleaned up fonts 5 years ago
  demure 43ac8eedf4 After PragmataPro update, using PragmataProMono 5 years ago
  demure ad41b3303d Addjusted default font size for my new thinkpad x260's 1920x1080 display! 5 years ago
  demure 21c7276378 Added sfill. Minor maint 5 years ago
  demure 97392ac0de Added bindings to resize font on the fly, needs urxvt-font-size 5 years ago
  demure 490d700f84 Needs more polishing, but works 5 years ago