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  demure a102da101c Added note about XDG_CONFIG_HOME 2 years ago
  demure 5eae2e2531 moved markdown documents to docs dir 2 years ago
  demure faa453080f Updated stow names to cli and gui 2 years ago
  demure 09293089c4 and fixed a typo... 2 years ago
  demure ee81c7eb32 derp, didn't update edit date. 2 years ago
  demure 517d25eacb Some big changes in my workflow. First, trying kitty terminal emulator as main terminal emulator. It adds good icon support. i3 has backup terminal bindings now, and urxvt will continue to be a launcher term. Second, lemonbar is retired and polybar is being used. polybar is much simpler to deal with, and much easier to tweak. 2 years ago
  demure 4e65eb7a57 Added smart volume bindings, so I can keep my over modulating and have hdmi sound output. Updated readme. Added Auto hdmi sound... that I hopefully don't have to debug more... 2 years ago
  demure 177fec7d0e Guess what, did one more refactor on my git prompt... not using porcelain v2. 2 years ago
  demure 6b0be7543c Moved stow path to right name. Updated readme about stow. 3 years ago
  demure dd214ed0d3 Updated link 4 years ago
  demure 13dfdaa220 Made programs use table. Updated formatting for markdown. Tweaked comment rules. 5 years ago
  demure 9c4885d580 Updated format to work with notabut. Added blog link. Added hidden logo. 5 years ago
  demure 2d53bb9ad4 Switched to i3 window manager, and set up a sweet lemonbar 6 years ago
  demure 78e356ce44 added mutt mention 6 years ago
  demure a7f91b601b fixed typo 6 years ago
  demure e75c474eb5 Got around to fixing links 6 years ago
  demure 2e41ffbb04 Added GNU Stow info 6 years ago
  demure 724a9eade9 Updated markdown formating, and added content 7 years ago
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