Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  demure e75c474eb5 Got around to fixing links 6 years ago
  demure 6033363733 Updated desc comment 7 years ago
  demure ac38f09e6f Added repo comment 7 years ago
  demure d18078ebac Moved contents to sub sourced files 8 years ago
  demure d2303a5581 Fixed RCol, added -q to autocd and dirspell, comment for sub source 8 years ago
  demure bf4bd71573 Added bboard bb alias to MA 8 years ago
  demure 189d953ab7 MA export timezone 8 years ago
  demure 407fbbc248 Added brew completion 8 years ago
  demure 26b9f4319e Removed old debug comments 8 years ago
  demure 74f1a8aad2 moved git_files_hist to function 8 years ago
  demure a01dc197a6 Added two aliases for git 8 years ago
  demure 3fdea65dd7 Fiexed comment 8 years ago
  demure e6c9726886 Fixed $GChanges in bashrc 8 years ago
  demure 6853c53342 Added back/stoped job check to PS1 8 years ago
  demure c0b89f38fe Refresh main git var, after a fetch 8 years ago
  demure d08cace796 Switch cluster test 8 years ago
  demure be55029e08 corrected branch color status 8 years ago
  demure f1a1b15668 PS1 git now uses '--porcelain -b', switched to default foldmarker 8 years ago
  demure b5d4849d9f Removed git cd check for much better time diff check 8 years ago
  demure dd97edd20b Added ssh-agent for MA 8 years ago
  demure 45a87fecce Mac filevault reboot alias 8 years ago
  demure 6b9ded8694 Set colors for git status numbers 8 years ago
  demure c53ccef0c7 Cleaning 8 years ago
  demure 85f01bd91c Added git untracked check to PS1 8 years ago
  demure 8750453852 Added git behind check 8 years ago
  demure 7b6482bc45 Clean up formating 8 years ago
  demure b4b88888ab More shopt, and neater arangement 8 years ago
  demure b53d21e291 Used better fortune check, added graceful grep exclude degrade 8 years ago
  demure 2afa6ec241 Removed debug details 8 years ago
  demure e392474741 github can\'t understand a lone \' in a comment block... 8 years ago