Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  demure 25c69760c8 Pushing cleaner awk 4 years ago
  demure 19a4c4d0a0 Archiving conky before I move to a new backup solution 5 years ago
  demure 69ec8741af slightly sanatized, due to issue where ssh was down 5 years ago
  demure 52f7643490 Updated gpg check, due to socket change caused by gnupg 2.1.13 5 years ago
  demure a159e486ca Added /tmp to the exclude list 5 years ago
  demure 79357900d7 Now using clean gpg cache check, instead of a hack. The hack broke after smartcard use. 5 years ago
  demure 97c884cd6e limited incoming cryptsetup command further, though sudoers would block 5 years ago
  demure 69ab1c9c35 forgot I left my UUID in 5 years ago
  demure ab5566fe43 Init commit 5 years ago