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  __vic 1a22acb846 Merge branch 'generic' into posix 1 week ago
  __vic 2923a51bd9 Merge branch 'iso' into generic 1 week ago
  __vic ac5a092c0e __popcnt() isn't used by default on MSVC++ 3 months ago
  __vic 93f38bcaf2 Merge branch 'generic' into posix 4 months ago
  __vic bbe4ff39b5 Merge branch 'iso' into generic 4 months ago
  __vic a6f21db007 C++20 4 months ago
  __vic acc9449646 Emphasized differences from std::vector 6 months ago
  __vic 4d4e35a3c7 Merge branch 'generic' into posix 6 months ago
  __vic 63fb6b6460 Merge branch 'iso' into generic 6 months ago
  __vic d4cd632831 doc corrections 6 months ago
  __vic ea6ed00dd3 Renamed *_left() -> *_front(), *_right() -> *_back() 6 months ago
  __vic f1d04a7e79 Don't promise libc_error will be thrown 7 months ago
  __vic 26da0f5d08 Merge branch 'generic' into posix 7 months ago
  __vic a96fd2c18e fix: references to deleted file 7 months ago
  __vic 4c0fb66237 Merge branch 'generic' into posix 7 months ago
  __vic 0fa1bef5c5 posix::ovectors: renamed add() -> push_back() 7 months ago
  __vic 3c6abe6ec5 Merge branch 'iso' into generic 7 months ago
  __vic cdb05238ab logger::operator<<() specification is more accurate 7 months ago
  __vic 58a4cd8d16 Renamed object_pool -> fixed_vector 7 months ago
  __vic 5f90153a75 Files rename for git 7 months ago
  __vic f97df2bb96 Repeated errno reads are minimized 7 months ago
  __vic aa1f43d0cb Using memcpy() as a last resort 7 months ago
  __vic 4a47742e4f fix: misspelled filename 7 months ago
  __vic ba8e578df2 uninitialized/noinit removed 7 months ago
  __vic 6f9454b139 throw_errno() is public now 7 months ago
  __vic eefb992763 posix_pidfile.cpp: write_pid(): results of all syscalls are checked now 8 months ago
  __vic 05775c7d73 logger: severity strings moved to the own object file 9 months ago
  __vic 9db2379d9b fix: out of buffer access in signed_decimal_parser 9 months ago
  __vic ae5197d1d4 Support for compilers without any form of long long 11 months ago
  __vic f1e5360f6f Merge branch 'generic' into posix 1 year ago