Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  MeseCraft 42b7173076 add bees protection support 1 year ago
  MeseCraft 88e80cd3e1 fix music_default nighttime tonumber missing. 1 year ago
  MeseCraft 8cda8f0f1e fix settingtypes in music_dfcaverns and related bug. add nether music. 1 year ago
  MeseCraft a24de79f1f fixed typos in settings for music_dfcaverns 1 year ago
  MeseCraft 3ebaa1d2b9 add elevations to music settings. 1 year ago
  MeseCraft 7f8d921e1e patching protector *again* upstream didn't patch previous fixes. 1 year ago
  MeseCraft 92a4307bc6 renable itemdrop drop. 1 year ago
  MeseCraft 7c424d6c9f update protector to remove territory indicator more cleanly 1 year ago
  MeseCraft d88f8a1e56 adjust last commit 1 year ago
  MeseCraft f1216407de adjust some log messages, remove buggy translations from playerfactions. 1 year ago
  MeseCraft d61b52b056 reverting item_drop still has issues. 1 year ago
  MeseCraft acbd76a488 patching conditional 1 year ago
  MeseCraft 460f272d3e try to fix protector/playerfactions/mobs_redo. 1 year ago
  MeseCraft 3341d85cfc fixing typo on a function. 1 year ago
  MeseCraft e92def3f81 patch attempt 1 year ago
  MeseCraft d1ce5fe2a7 disable playerfactions for now until patched. 1 year ago
  MeseCraft 2f56f62abb hotfix for protector and playerfactions, readd playerfactions. 1 year ago
  MeseCraft 58fa2e02e1 remove playerfactions, adjust stocking gift. 1 year ago
  MeseCraft acfc6b17a3 fix playerfactions commit 1 year ago
  MeseCraft 4d8377584a add commoditymarket and commoditymarket_fantasy. add playerfactions. 1 year ago
  MeseCraft 2f69a42182 update, dfcaverns, protector, mesecons, mobs_redo. reduce mesecon torch light. remove magic_mirror from xmas gift. 1 year ago
  MeseCraft 8f5b162824 its been awhile. add led_marquee and fix christmas mob spawns. 1 year ago
  FreeGamers 36a7f0d869 enable itemdrop 1 year ago
  FreeGamers 13e573aba9 update game.conf 1 year ago
  FreeGamers d30495fdaa nerf grim reaper spawn, armor, and enable knockback. 1 year ago
  FreeGamers 6e2a02dce1 Merge branch 'master' of 1 year ago
  FreeGamers 2e54d92a53 fix left-over bug from algae slime. 1 year ago
  Jeremy Weston ca924e3f64 fix left-over bug from algae slime. 1 year ago
  Jeremy Weston 5c0a50912c adjust halloween spawn rates. 1 year ago
  FreeGamers 5d29164a7e update mobs_redo and protector mods. 1 year ago