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  MeseCraft 8bc86aca77 update Readme and mod.conf (thanks LoneWolf). 1 year ago
  MeseCraft 547a5346da update license 1 year ago
  FreeGamers f64e832e5d same as last commit, cleaning syntax and testing. 1 year ago
  FreeGamers 9f0937bbcc This update fixes critical syntax errors pointed out by shazen. Also, licenses and readme has been revised slightly. 1 year ago
  freegamers 394d92a2f1 add default sounds to dig and dug 1 year ago
  freegamers 93ecc9a306 update license info 1 year ago
  freegamers f54f39bad0 try to fix screenshot 1 year ago
  freegamers c19011c4fc add readme content 1 year ago
  freegamers e11798ac2f real first commit 1 year ago
  Jeremy Weston 69e6805d3c first commit 1 year ago