Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  MeseCraft c917422cf5 disabled wind player speed adjustments 5 months ago
  MeseCraft 6b4647282d rename fireplace, remove hedges, remove ethereal and biomes, major adjustments to dfcaverns (upward, smaller). 5 months ago
  MeseCraft ca3d80b7fd 2021-06-28 1 year ago
  MeseCraft 8cda8f0f1e fix settingtypes in music_dfcaverns and related bug. add nether music. 1 year ago
  MeseCraft 3ebaa1d2b9 add elevations to music settings. 1 year ago
  MeseCraft 92a4307bc6 renable itemdrop drop. 1 year ago
  MeseCraft f1216407de adjust some log messages, remove buggy translations from playerfactions. 1 year ago
  MeseCraft d61b52b056 reverting item_drop still has issues. 1 year ago
  MeseCraft 4d8377584a add commoditymarket and commoditymarket_fantasy. add playerfactions. 1 year ago
  MeseCraft 2f69a42182 update, dfcaverns, protector, mesecons, mobs_redo. reduce mesecon torch light. remove magic_mirror from xmas gift. 1 year ago
  FreeGamers 36a7f0d869 enable itemdrop 1 year ago
  FreeGamers 5c162a92c0 edit farming growth time into the persistent settings. 1 year ago
  FreeGamers b1b40616a7 MT Engine 5.3 is causing a lot of bugs. update mesecons. 1 year ago
  FreeGamers c2cea7fcb1 fix lootchest farming_redo unknowns. 1 year ago
  FreeGamers 1e254b9c4a remove lib_trm (was bugged and the concept doesnt work with toolranks anyways). Add improved toolranks version. 2 years ago
  FreeGamers 725aba9579 update nether, update cloudlands, move ocelot(cat) into mobs_creatures and update it, fix pie depends error, update pyramids to now have lootchests. 2 years ago
  FreeGamers f03f4fa3f6 add license for afk and chat_colorize. remove luckyblock in farming (not used in this game). disable the new weather mod from mtg in minetest.conf 2 years ago
  FreeGamers 2b590b31ff update craft guide (resolves error messages). add coins mod (obsoletes commoditymarket). remove commoditymarket for simplicity and lack of use. test remove hud text on npc-traders. 2 years ago
  FreeGamers 01e49c808f adding main game files 2 years ago