Commit History

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  MeseCraft 41fcbb367d adjusted hyperlink in readme. 10 months ago
  MeseCraft 19ae162185 icy slime no longer adds snow. adjusted folders to have just core files. 10 months ago
  MeseCraft ed62ab4162 make smoke node cubic. 1 year ago
  MeseCraft f1216407de adjust some log messages, remove buggy translations from playerfactions. 1 year ago
  FreeGamers eb52ddf216 Removed the awards mod again. 2 years ago
  FreeGamers 21c1f4c7eb fix formspec bug when in two different files. 2 years ago
  FreeGamers 4491adeb30 move todo.txt into /docs folder. 2 years ago
  FreeGamers 2b590b31ff update craft guide (resolves error messages). add coins mod (obsoletes commoditymarket). remove commoditymarket for simplicity and lack of use. test remove hud text on npc-traders. 2 years ago
  FreeGamers 65a7e71892 temp remove skin and cloth mods while they are WIP. sign fixes. 2 years ago
  FreeGamers 382497b18f Add new simplified sign mod by Monte (modified). Remove default:signs. Rename signs by MisterE to letter_blocks. 2 years ago
  FreeGamers 87105208fc added new cloudlands version. 2 years ago
  FreeGamers 87a99bbe79 edit readme. 2 years ago
  FreeGamers f7f0f28272 first commit 2 years ago