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Game update script


This script automates following steps:

  1. Check for game updates
  2. Download the game files
  3. Revert any previously applied patches
  4. Install or update the game files
  5. Apply the newest patch

If you prefer a graphical updater, check out paimon-launcher.


This script requires following applications:

  • Either aria2c, wget or curl (file download)
  • xdelta3 (patch script)

Usage instructions

The script must be executed from the wanted game installation directory using either relative or absolute paths to execute

If errors occur after updating the game files, re-run the patch scripts manually.

New installation

Installs the newest game version to an empty directory.


bash "/path/to/GI-on-Linux/updater/" install


# Install game to a new directory in HOME (~)
mkdir -p "$HOME/Genshin Impact Game"
cd "$HOME/Genshin Impact Game/"

bash "/path/to/GI-on-Linux/updater/" install

Update installation

Updates the game in the working directory to the newest version.

Important: If the official launcher was used for the installation, ensure that the working directory contains GenshinImpact.exe but not launcher.exe.


bash "/path/to/GI-on-Linux/updater/"


# Update game located in HOME
cd "$HOME/Genshin Impact Game/"
bash "/path/to/GI-on-Linux/updater/"