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Sorted by appearance from installation (top) to gameplay (bottom).

Launcher: Game download issues

Download timeout, stuck at 0%:

  • Sep/Oct 2020 launcher bug. Download the newest version and retry

Download works but launcher freezes/crashes midway:

  • Use a recent Wine version (Wine 6.13+ confirmed working)
  • Use the custom Update & Patch Script as an alternative to the official launcher
  • See Issue#28 for details

Launcher: Failed to unzip game files

  1. Check for launcher updates
  2. Edit /path/to/Genshin Impact Game/config.ini
  3. Adjust the line game_version=X.X.X to the currently installed version
  4. Re-run the launcher to install the update

Alternatively: re-download the entire game. See Issue#28 for direct links.

Game does not start at all

  1. Check & update the game version in the official launcher
  2. Apply the patches as described in

Lutris: 'find.exe' cannot be found, notepad opens on start

Alternatively: notepad.exe opens on launch, displaying an error message.

Some Lutris Wine packages prior to the version "lutris-6.4" either refuse to run those applications or do not ship them in first place. Try another package, such as Proton or stock/vanilla Wine.

For more details, see Issue#78.

Game crashes on launch

  1. Ensure the patch is applied
  2. Retry without kernel sync (ESYNC, FSYNC, ...)
  3. Lutris: disable "Lutris Runtime" (for reference)

Game no longer works on Windows

  • This is intentional to avoid abuse of this project
  • If you are Dual-Booting, write a batch script to swap the game files as needed

StartThreadpoolIo not found in KERNEL32.dll

  • Use Wine 5.3 or newer. This function has been added recently.
  • For more details, see Issue#12.

Login shows a white rectangle

After activating the "Login" button, a white rectangle appears. If the Captcha does not appear after 20 seconds, check the solutions for "Error 4206".

Error 4206 or "Connection timed out"

Possible error sources:

  • Faulty DNS server
  • Domain(s) blocked by ISP
  • Custom domain block lists (albeit unlikely)

In rare cases, this issue may be weekday-dependent for unknown reasons.

Solutions: tab "PC client issues"

  • Manually specify Domain Name Server (DNS) addresses
  • Use a VPN

Freeze when loading game data

Unknown cause. Please submit ideas to Issue#90

  • Ensure that an audio output device is enabled
  • Run the game using -nolog: ??? cmd /c launcher.bat -nolog
  • Try another graphics driver or setup a clean, new WINEPREFIX

Crash after 20 seconds due to sound output

First seen in version 2.1.0 using PulseAudio.

Check whether the terminal output (WINEDEBUG value is irrelevant) contains following line:

  • INFO: OpenAudioDevice failed: Unsupported number of audio channels

.. and change the sound output settings to Analog Stereo.

An error code appears

Common errors and possible causes. x stands for any number:

  • -900x
    • Out of free storage
    • Check the read and write permissions of the entire game directory, and the Persistent sub-directory in particular
  • -9908
    • The downloaded data is corrupt. Try a wired connection.

White screen freeze when entering the door

... plus error log "err:virtual:virtual_setup_exception stack overflow".

Starting from version 1.2.0, this error reappears a few days after each release. It is caused by server-sent bytecode.


bash "/path/to/GI-on-Linux/GAMEVER/"

Crash when initially loading the world (7 symbols)

Rare occurrence related to an audio failure. Observed in Wine 5.22 and newer.

  1. Restart the game
  2. Check for music and button sound effects

This crash might also occur when WineD3D is used rather than DXVK.

Crash after a few seconds in-game

... + error.log message containing HID.DLL caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005)

This error is caused by (at least) Wine 6.10 when using a controller.

  • Either: change to another Wine version (for example 6.9)
  • Or: switch to keyboard & mouse.

DumpFile-zfbrowser*.dmp is generated

Obsolete. Observed in Wine 6.10 only.

In-game browser looks weird or crashes the game

  • winetricks corefonts
  • Ubuntu/Debian: install ttf-mscorefonts-installer
  • Re-install dxvk (if present)
  • Try running the game in a virtual desktop

Other font installations might work as well as long Fontconfig can use them as fallback.

ZFGameBrowser crash

  • Ignore and restore the game window
  • For input issues: try the virtual desktop (see below)

For more details, see Issue#29.

Graphics bugs/issues

Check whether your GPU supports Vulkan: unofficial list, Intel, nVIDIA, AMD

Setup instructions:

  • Custom script:
    • Download winetricks
    • export WINEPREFIX=/absolute/path/ (if needed)
    • sh winetricks
    • Install the DLL package dxvk (newest, or 1.7.3 for Proton 5.13)
  • Lutris: Configure -> Runner options -> "Enable DXVK" and specify the version
  • Proton: See setup instructions
  • PlayOnLinux: (outdated DXVK?)
    • Configure game -> Install components -> [Latest DXVK version]

Game is on an LSD trip

(This means that surfaces have very distinct colors)

Generally for DXVK:

  • Launch with the environment variable DXVK_HUD=version,devinfo,fps
  • Check whether version 1.7.3 or newer is shown

For Intel iGPU:

  • Update Mesa to a recent version, newer is better
  • See Release Notes for "ANV" mentions and fixes
  • See Issue#152 for the original issue.

When software rendering (llvmpipe) is used (most common on AMD GPUs):

  1. Check whether software rendering is used
    • Either: search for lavapipe in the terminal output upon launch
    • Or: search for Device name + llvmpipe in output_log.txt after launch
  2. Install proper Vulkan packages:
  3. Repeat step 1 to confirm your changes

Mouse/keyboard input issues

Easiest solution: Use a virtual desktop.

  • Custom script: wine explorer /desktop=anyname,1920x1080 cmd /c launcher.bat
    • Adjust the resolution numbers to your needs
  • Steam + Proton: See setup instructions
  • Lutris: Go to "Runner options" -> Enable "Windowed (virtual desktop)"

Without a virtual desktop: (experimental)

  • winecfg -> Check "Automatically capture the mouse in full-screen windows"
  • WINEPREFIX="/path/to/prefix" winetricks usetakefocus=n
    • Lutris already does this by default.

See also: search engine query unity wine focus

Too high mouse sensitivity

This workaround is meant for overall high mouse sensitivity. In case this issue occurs only after switching between workspaces, check the sections below.

Disable MouseWarpOverride using Winetricks:

WINEPREFIX="/path/to/prefix" winetricks mwo=disable

Alt + Mouse click not working

Cinnamon users:

Xfce4 users:

  • Same solution as in the causes the view to "spin" issue below

Switching between workspaces causes the view to "spin"

Change the in-game resolution setting:

  1. Focus the (virtual) desktop
  2. Focus the game window again. The title bar must be marked as active (blue).
  3. Change the resolution back to fullscreen

Alternative: use Proton.

Wrong window resolution

If the in-game settings are not accessible, do one of the following:

  • Append following arguments after launcher.bat:
    • -screen-width XXX -screen-height YYY -screen-fullscreen 1
  • Alternative: -show-screen-selector to change the settings on startup
  • Alternative: change the virtual desktop's size (if present)
  • Alternative: use regedit to change the keys in HKCU\Software\...

See also: Unity CLI args

Weak graphics, slow game

For performance improving tweaks see

This may also be caused by software rendering. Check Game is on an LSD trip above.

For hybrid graphics (dGPU + iGPU) in laptops:

  1. Use the environment variable DXVK_HUD=version,devinfo,fps
  2. If the dGPU (such as nVIDIA or AMD) is shown, go to the section "Game is on an LSD trip".
  3. If the iGPU (Intel or AMD integrated) is shown:
    • For nVIDIA: Launch Wine with prime-run
    • ^ If pvkrun does not work, uninstall bumblebee prior to installing prime-run
    • For AMD: Use the environment variable PRIME_RUN=1
  4. Repeat the check in step 1

Note: If Lutris is used, environment variables can be specified in the System options tab

Locale-specific keyboard layout not working

Upon input, question mark signs (?) appear rather than the typed characters.

Gnome: Move the locale-specific layout to second place

Change the environment variable LANG to your locale

  • See Lutris forum for a solution
  • Custom script: LANG=your_LOCALE.UTF8 wine ....
  • Lutris: Configure -> "System options" -> Add LANG, your_LOCALE.UTF8 to the environment variables
  • Steam: In the "Target" input box, add LANG=your_LOCALE.UTF8 in front

If the problem persists: create or update a WINEPREFIX using your locale

  • WINEPREFIX=/path/to/wineprefix/ LANG=your_LOCALE.UTF8 /path/to/wineboot -u (untested)

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