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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I get banned if I use this patch?
A: Yes because this is a client modification. However, since the first patch in December 2020 no bans in relation to this patch were reported.

Q: Why is this project rather difficult to find?
A: Imagine what the game developers could do if they figured out that this patch circumvents their rootkit service in order to reach Linux compatibility. To keep the patch working, it is highly recommended to not share this project in public, despite its MIT license. It is for your own good.

Q: How quickly do patches get released?
A: Usually, the first testing patch is proposed within a day after the official game update which happens on Wednesday (UTC). To check for issues, the patch is tested until Saturday, after which the script is updated for normal use.

Q: Where can I use this patch?
A: On GNU/Linux distributions, but it may also work on other systems which run Wine. Windows does not need this patch and is not supported for obvious reasons.

Q: Does it work on MacOS?
A: No, the game falsely detects MacOS as a virtual machine. See Issue #12 for details.

Q: How can I analyse my gacha wishes?
A: Obtain the URL from output_log.txt. Open the in-game wish history (table view), then search for webview_gacha within the file. Extract the long URL and use it for the analyser tool.

Q: How do I skip the download of unused voice-over packs?
A: Either remove them in your game settings, or:

  1. Locate the file audio_lang_* (where * stands for the newest) inside your game data files
  2. Remove the unwanted pack lines (except maybe English(US)?)
  3. Save
  4. Navigate to StreamingAssets/Audio/GeneratedSoundBanks/Windows/
  5. Remove the pack directories that are no longer contained within audio_lang_*`
  6. Proceed to download the archives

Q: Where is output_log.txt?
A: WINEPREFIX/drive_c/USERNAME/AppData/LocalLow/miHoYo/Genshin Impact/ where WINEPREFIX depends on the Wine setup/configuration.

Q: Where can I find crash information?
A: A minidump file and error log file are saved to WINEPREFIX/drive_c/USERNAME/Temp/mihoyocrash_*. Former can partially be analysed using winedbg or windbg depending on the progress of Wine.


  • System-wide Wine installation: ~/.wine
  • Lutris: ~/Games
  • Steam: in steamapps, usually ~/.steam/steam/steamapps/compatdata/ANYNUMBER