Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Mubashshir e1e3375110 [PATCH 2/2] Use subshell instead of backticks 9 hours ago
  Mubashshir ad819a4af1 [PATCH 1/2] Seperate arrays for downloader and arguments 9 hours ago
  Krock c3a71a2993 Patch 2.2.0 ready for testing 2 days ago
  Krock 0556a88ed5 Preparation for 2.2.0, Part 2 2 days ago
  Krock 1dc1437262 Preparation for 2.2.0 4 days ago
  Krock d43b873199 Add alternatives, add connection fixes 4 days ago
  Krock aee556c423 Add Proton 6.3-7 compatible patch 1 week ago
  Krock 48eabfae22 Troubleshooting: Minor format changes 2 weeks ago
  Krock 3251b1ac1d Script: *BSD support for md5 2 weeks ago
  Krock 906cccff4c Remove broken FSR instructions 3 weeks ago
  Krock 172cb48396 Document FSR tweak and trim vkBasalt.conf 4 weeks ago
  Krock 2096294c19 Troubleshooting: Improve locale fix steps 1 month ago
  Krock bf6e435c11 Troubleshooting: audio and locale information 1 month ago
  Marco Sirabella b2de5131f0 Add exec into .exe to close out console window 1 month ago
  Krock c3f505f11d General documentation improvements 1 month ago
  Krock 8e518f965b Unlock 2.1.0 patch 1 month ago
  Krock 9d0427be91 Improve FAQ: document wineprefix 1 month ago
  Krock e4a7e4e36f Add Frequenty Asked Questions file 1 month ago
  Krock dbb80dd984 Patch 2.1.0 ready for testing 1 month ago
  Krock 68d620e8b2 Preparation for 2.1.0, Part 2 1 month ago
  Krock af96684eb1 Preparation for 2.1.0 1 month ago
  Krock b27a7236fe Document pvkrun -> prime-run switch 1 month ago
  Krock d486891a4d Move updater documentation to 2 months ago
  Loentar 3fa653d3a1 added install option to updater 2 months ago
  Krock 7f52e3476f Add note for <= 2 GB VRAM GPUs 2 months ago
  Krock e8773812fc Add note about multiple WINEPREFIX directories 2 months ago
  Krock a68b17c580 Document Intel iGPU and LSD trip fixes 2 months ago
  Krock aac0ba6328 Unlock 2.0.0 patch 2 months ago
  Krock 0e5918fea7 Fix duplicate file revert attempt 2 months ago
  Krock 4e9b7ebdc4 Patch 2.0.0 ready for testing 2 months ago